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In week ten of this unit, members of group nine were asked to provide peer to peer evaluations on Assessment three. This was a fantastic opportunity to receive valuable feedback in order to refine our current work, whilst providing my own feedback on their assessment.

My first evaluation I received an overall score of Credit, due to my assessment being in its preliminary stages. I acknowledge that there were some grammatical errors initially as this was my draft edition. By reading my writing aloud, I was able to make adjustments and adapt to the style of reflective writing required.

The second evaluation was rated at a Distinction level a few days later. I was happy to receive a higher score after many hours of refinement. My referencing skills were mentioned as being “impressive and precise” as was the layout of my Blog praised for being “visually effective and easy to navigate.”

I appreciated the feedback and did not disagree with either of their evaluations. As future teachers in a digital world, evaluations and assessments are critical component in learning. It will allow me to analyse how effective my teaching methods are and what learning outcomes my students have achieved.

(Word Count: 199)


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