Teaching in a Digital World – Week 8 Reflection “Lifelong Learning”

global citizenship

This week’s topic on ‘Lifelong learning’ is a term that I have heard before in high school. I recall our teacher at the time, saying that learning does not stop when schooling finishes. An article from Lifelong Learning Council Queensland Inc. (2013), confirmed that lifelong learning “is learning that is pursued throughout life.”

In the Digital world, lifelong learning has been made easier. The plethora of resources available online allow us to learn more than ever before. Naturally, the learner requires characteristics like “motivation and capacity to learn, in any type of setting, with any type of teacher, or simply by themselves” (Watson, 2003).

As I continually learn more about the role of a teacher we will be responsible for promoting good learning behaviours and habits. We will have the ability to influence our students onto further study, training or employment (Ramsey, 2000).

Also in this week’s unit, the topic of Global citizenship was introduced. I realised the importance of discussing global issues and allowing them “to think critically about how to solve them, and act as responsible global citizens” (Oxfam GB, 2014). Earth Day is an organisation that I enjoyed researching in that I appreciated how global issues can impact learning.

(Word Count: 200)


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