Teaching in a Digital World – Week 4 Reflection “Digital Divide”

digital divide Sign

Digital Divide is a split in the worlds population that have access to digital technologies as opposed to those who don’t. My first impression on digital divide was quite naive to believe that we are not connected as one may think.

Research shows that on a world platform in 2012, based on population statistics, Africa has the lowest percentage of Internet users with 15.6%. North America in contrast has 78.6% of the population who are users of the World Wide Web. In our own country, I was intrigued that Australia and the Oceanic region, 67.6% of the population have access. With the abundance of technology saturated classrooms, I initially estimated a figure of above 80% (Internetworldstats.com, 2014).

The socioeconomic levels in our own country, reports that only 57% of low income earners in Australia have access to the Internet in comparison to high income earners with 98% (Abs.gov.au, 2014). The obvious division is clear and the Australian government is working to provide the country with the best Internet in line with other developed countries. Current initiatives like the National broadband Network (NBN) came with its own controversies due to costs of infrastructure; however the long term benefit will assist in bridging the obvious gaps (Nbnco.com.au, 2014).

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The National Broadband Network

“The National Broadband Network (NBN) will ensure that all Australians have access to very fast broadband using a mix of technologies. The Australian Government is committed to completing the construction of the NBN sooner, at less expense for taxpayers and more affordable for consumers.”

Digital Divide Article


Infographic - Digital Divide

The info-graphic created below allows for quick visualisation of facts that are presented in a colourful yet informative way. The combination of graphs as well as figures allow the reader to clearly understand what Digital divide really is about.


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